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Discover the best of the LGBTQ+ Small Business Community with the QUEER DISCOVERY BOX by FRUITLOOTS.

Unbox amazing products from a featured LGBTQ+ Maker and the FRUITLOOTS product line up to explore and enjoy each quarter. Each carefully curated discovery box is an exclusive opportunity to explore the vibrant, creative world of LGBTQ+ business makers across the United States. 

What You Get: 

  • 2 Full Sized Products (1 Featured Maker & 1 FRUITLOOTS) 
    • BOX 003 will include 3 products - a special bonus in honor of Valentine's Day.
    • 2 ONISHI Gender Inclusive Boxers 
    • 1 FRUITLOOTS "Cuddle Candle" 
  • To get your free pair of boxers, please add single unit of the boxers in your size and color from our Marketplace. Discount will automatically be added at check out when purchasing with the Queer Discovery Box. 
  • You must purchase the Queer Discovery box as a single unit or subscription in order to get the free pair of boxers. 

Introducing, ONISHI. 

Onishi is a high-end, LA-based underwear line created by Takayuki Onishi who set out to create underwear that would make him both look and feel sexy. When he became dissatisfied with the heavily branded, dull, uncomfortable underwear out in the market today, an idea sparked. 

After three years of researching, visualizing, and making, He has created the perfect gender inclusive underwear that fuses design, sustainability, and comfort. And what was once just an idea, has quickly evolved into a very personal project about identity, creativity, and confidence. 

Onishi provides products that make you feel empowered. Their mission is to elevate the lifestyle of the seeker who craves for a better way and better life. 

With community as the brand’s connection pillar, Onishi has become a space for collaboration. Working with photographers and artists around the world, it seeks to spark conversations about identity, culture, confidence, and joy. 

Onishi believes in the power of self-awareness and long-term emotional relationships.


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