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Friends for the better part of 20 years, David & Allan first met working together as young mallrats and would embark on separate, but parallel professional paths.  Then- like a hidden plot line at the beginning of a movie, things came full circle.
The pandemic was well on its warpath across the United States.  Soon, David & Allan found themselves in lockdown amongst many fellow Americans.  Life as they knew it had come to a screeching halt.
At that moment David & Allan wondered, “How can we celebrate from a distance with our friends & loved ones?”  So began a hunt to send gifts during Birthdays, holidays, and, most importantly, during our beloved Pride month.   And it was on this hunt that they realized something... there really wasn’t much variety available.
David & Allan had found a new mission to embark on together.  And like a screaming surrogate mama birthing a beautiful newborn to proud same-sex parents- FRUITLOOTS was born.

FRUITLOOTS is a fresh voice in the world of modern gifting.  We strive to provide a whimsical, elevated, unapologetic twist on the curated gift box - inspired by art, humor and our own beloved LGBTQ+ community. 
At FRUITLOOTS we are committed to disrupting the status quo in "curated gifting" by actively featuring LGBTQ+, POC, Women, and Ally-owned brands as part of our assortment. 
We seek compelling, elevated & innovative products that bring fun, happiness & love to our #fruitfam through an LGBTQ+ tinted lens no matter what occasion they are celebrating.  
FRUITLOOTS is dedicated to becoming a platform for LGBTQ+ makers and bringing them to the world.