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Sure, there are a ton of puzzles out there in the world but what we found in GOODFIT is not just fun, it's special. They combine the nostalgic pastime of puzzles with real artists who design the art for each puzzle. So, when finished, you have a work of art worth framing on a wall. 

Get ready to rewind the clock and bask in the glory of the 90s and 2000s with Mixtape.

This puzzle is an explosion of pure fun, featuring a 3D masterpiece by artist Carlos Garcia that captures the essence of that unforgettable era. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors as you piece together a playful pile of iconic throwback objects.

The artwork's bright, poppy aesthetic of soft and sweet pastels with touches of bright and bold neons and sparkly, metallic accents will instantly teleport you to the time of endless summers and carefree joy. With 1000 pieces to conquer, "Mixtape" strikes the perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment.

Dive into a treasure trove of memories as you sort through the pieces, witnessing the vibrant collage of your Y2K memories coming to life before your eyes. Are you ready to press play? Let’s mix it up!

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MIXTAPE PUZZLE by GOODFIT Sale price$32.00