FRUITLOOTS ON We Know WeHo Podcast

When Allan and I started our business a few years ago, we knew that our city, the city of West Hollywood, would provide a beautiful backdrop for company inspiration but also for all our future goals of what we wanted the brand to become. 

Over the last year we have met so many amazing people within the business community that have not only embraced our baby company but have supported us every step of the way. From the local West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to the neighboring businesses that have openly invited us to sell our products in their stores, it’s simply a fabulous community. 

Enter Tracy Passo, the host of We Know Weho. A podcast about the West Hollywood Business Community that takes you behind the scenes of all the city's unique businesses and the people that bring them to life. We were able to chat with Tracy last month and had a blast talking about how FRUITLOOTS came to life as well as a few of our favorite places to hang in the city. 

You can listen to the show here - as well as on many of your favorite podcast providers including Apple and Spotify to name a few. 

Spotify Podcast 

Apple Podcast




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