Once upon a time, long before FRUITLOOTS, our Co-Founder David spent his days and nights as a romance enthusiast, date coach, and matchmaker. (Did you see him on Bravo?!) During this time he created and the Finding Cupid Podcast, where he gave advice and shared his adventures about dating in Los Angeles. 

But as life goes, chapters will end, and new ones begin. If you are lucky enough, as some of the best RomComs in movie history have taught us, two unsuspecting people (or passions in this case) can collide in a beautiful way and create the most perfect relationship. 

When it came time to create "The Love Collection" we couldn't help but force David to brush off his Cupid Wings and bring a little bit of love to FRUITLOOTS!  

As a special treat to all our followers, we reunited his old podcast team and asked them to share a little bit of advice about love, life, dating, and of course gifting. 

We hope you enjoy this special reunion and the guests we invited to the show. Tell us what your favorite episode was in the comments below! 

Prefer a Podcast? Listen to Finding Cupid with David Cruz on Apple Podcast as well! 

EPISODE 1: The Love Experts Reunite! 

It’s been almost 5 years since David and the Finding Cupid Team were last together to chat about dating. They left the world as dating apps were fizzling and things seemed, well, blah. Enter 2022, and the team has their hands full with everything from marriage and new relationships to being single during COVID and Video Dating. Welcome back to Finding Cupid.

EPISODE 2: Giving the Best Gifts with FRUITLOOTS

If you ever thought that giving a gift was hard, you are not alone! To help gift-givers out, David, Matt & Natalie welcome FRUITLOOTS other Co-Founder, Allan. They sort through the best strategies for gifting to anyone and what to give for every Love Language!

EPISODE 3: How Your Love Language Helps You Win at Dating & Relationships 

Have you ever heard of the 5 Love Languages? David, Matt, and Natalie discuss what each means, their own love language, and how to use this in their everyday relationships. The team also discusses how the Love Languages can help you connect more with your partner and not “speak to them” in a way that they don’t value most.

EPISODE 4: Floral 101 with Jenny Barker, The Flower Doctor

Fresh from HBO's floral competition series, FULL BLOOM, Jenny Barker (aka The Flower Doctor) is here to rescue you from the beautiful yet often complicated world of buying and giving flowers. From choosing the right type of rose to avoiding an expensive floral trend, Jenny also shares the one flower color to avoid giving at Valentine's. David, Matt, and Jenny break it all down! 

EPISODE 5: A Matchmakers Advice featuring Kara Laricks of Three Day Rule Matchmaking

LGBTQ Matchmaker and Date Coach with Three Day Rule Matchmaking, Kara Laricks joins David and Matt to discuss the overwhelming demand for Matchmakers in 2022. Gone are the days when hiring a Matchmaker was considered very "niche" or only for "desperate" people. Now daters are hiring Matchmakers the same way that they hire trainers or therapists. The post-lockdown and COVID world has taught us to invest in mind, body, and soul - so now it's time for the heart. 

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