Pride Month is a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, and our achievements and to remind us of that night at Stonewall when we stood up for our community and for our rights. It is also a time to raise awareness about the challenges that LGBTQ+ people still face today, especially in a year when our community faces the largest proposal of anti-LGBTQ/trans legislation in history. At current count, an astonishing 530+ bills so far. 

As a Gay-Owned Business, we wanted to not only honor our past but also be mindful of the current state of the country. So while we spent many months planning and designing this super cute, colorful, and fun collection, it is deeply rooted in protest, history, and activism.

A special shout out to our friend Dominic at DOM&INK for partnering with us again to make this collection happen. Please follow him and support all the wonderful work he does. 


Our Pride 2023 Collection

The underbelly of the 2023 Pride sleeve was designed to be repurposed as a protest sign or wall banner. Customers can customize the sign by coloring it in as they choose, in addition to decorating them with stickers that are included in the box. When it's all done, take it to your local Pride Parade, or an upcoming protest or just hang it on your wall. 

Our Pride Collab with DOM&INK directly takes on the attack on the Trans Community, The Drag community, and repeats our “Pride Conquers Hate” banner from the sleeve. 

As always, our 'Pride Box' is curated only with products made by LGBTQ+ small businesses.

The 2023 Pride Gift Box


To celebrate Pride, we set up three pop-up shops in Los Angeles.

The first pop-up shops at Circus of Books in West Hollywood. Circus of Books is a historic LGBTQ+ bookstore that has been serving the community for over 40 years. The pop-up shop will feature the complete FRUITLOOTS Pride Collection in both east and west locations. You can shop us till June 30th. 

Circus Of Books (East)


Circus Of Books (East)


The second pop-up shop will be at the "Made With Pride" shop in Santa Monica - put on by the awesome people at Streetlet.

"Made With Pride" is a shop that sells products made by LGBTQ+-owned businesses. The pop-up shop will feature a variety of products from these businesses, as well as events and activities for the entire month of Pride Month. This will run till Sunday, June 25th. 

It has been so wonderful to work alongside so many talented small businesses and we personally have shopped them and may or may not be planning so fun projects too! So keep an eye out for this. 

Enjoy these pics from behind the scenes! 

Made With Pride


For all of these shops, it has been wonderful to bring the FRUITLOOTS brand to life. Allan and I truly believe that one day we will have one of the coolest brick-and-mortar stores in the neighborhood and from what we have put together so far, we can REALLY see it happening. 

Take a look at some of the pics from our shops below. If you get a chance, come see us in person and shop us too! 

Happy Pride!

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